Qlik NPrinting, the most customisable Qlik reporting application available, enables organisations to create, modify and deliver automated reports quickly and simply.
Create good looking reports, fast

Qlik NPrinting uses data and analytics from Qlik and supports PixelPerfect (PDF), HTML and Microsoft office. Qlik NPrinting allows you to create reports in various formats, filtering information and scheduling automated visually-appealing reports with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Enjoy amazing reporting features
  • Confidentiality- Set up filters on a recipient basis so that each separate person only sees the information relevant to him/her.
  • Automation- Schedule when reports need to be generated.
  • Flexibility- Covert reports to various software programs; including PixelPerfect (PDF), HTML and Microsoft office.
  • Cost effectiveness: View and use information that is formatted and filtered without any additional Qlik licenses.
  • Time effectiveness: Drag-and-drop images, dashboards and objects that you need to insert into the report into the report editor. Thereafter NPrinting will process the data.
  • Delivery: Send reports to recipients via email, publish reports to the internet or store reports securely.

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Make customised reports

Using the data and analytics from Qlik, Qlik NPrinting enables you to build templates in various supported programs (as mentioned above); you can add text, tables and charts from Qlik documents into reports. Reports are distributed to recipients in various ways.

Build different reports for different users

The scheduling interface enables you to initiate tasks to refresh all your Qlik data and then populate your report templates with new data.  Filters are used to allow you to take different parts of the data to build different reports for various users.